Report of Results

After completion of the evaluation, candidates are instructed to report to the proctor to receive their score reports. Scores are released only to the candidates and are reported in written form only, in person or by U.S. mail. Scores are not reported over the telephone, by electronic mail or by facsimile.

For full details on how test results are reported, including the scale score concept, please refer to the current Handbook.


There is no limit to the number of times unsuccessful candidates may take the Examination, provided eligibility requirements in effect at the time of applying for re- Examination are met. A current Application must be submitted with applicable fee each time.

Refer to the "Re-Examination" section of the current Handbook for additional details and documentation.

Certificates and Wallet Cards

Approximately three months after the last date of the testing window, complimentary certificates and wallet cards are provided by NCBDE to those who pass the Examination.

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