Application Status (2016)

Please see the Renewal by Continuing Education Handbook, Application Status, page 8, for information on the processing of online and renewal applications.

Audit Policy

As noted in the Renewal Handbook, Audit Policy section, page 7, NCBDE conducts random audits on a regular basis and also reserves the right to verify and/or audit at any time any application submitted for certification.

For individuals selected for audit during the application process, a notice is sent via email and includes link to the audit documentation and deadline date. The completed audit documentation must be received by the NCBDE national office by the deadline date identified in the audit notice. The audit documentation is provided with the notice, but is also available using the following link* (2016 CE Audit Documents). Refer to the document for specific instructions and forms required to verify eligibility.

Review of Applications for Renewal by Continuing Education

Online applications are processed upon receipt. Paper applications are processed within approximately 6 weeks of receipt. Refer to Renewal Handbook, Application Status, 2. Paper Application, page 8, for additional information.

The notice sent to CDEs successfully completing the renewal by continuing education process includes the individual's certificate number and new expiration date.

**NOTE (for those renewing in 2016): Though all possible efforts will be made to prevent any individual applying for renewal by continuing education from receiving their letter of notification after December 31, 2016, CDEs using the late application deadline should be aware that it is possible that they may not receive their letters of notification until after that date. An individual should NOT use the CDE® credential after December 31, 2016 until notification that certification has been renewed is received.

Certificates and Wallet Cards

For those CDEs who receive notices of successful completion of renewal of certification by continuing education, complimentary certificates and wallet cards are mailed by NCBDE approximately 3 months after the approval notice is mailed. As noted above, the letter of notification sent to CDEs who successfully complete the renewal process includes the certificate number and new expiration date and can be used for verification purposes prior to receipt of certificates and wallet cards.

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