1. You'll notice a lot of different information in the Handbook with the newly available option to renew by continuing education online.
  2. CDEs may still submit paper applications, but a paper application is not included in the Handbook. It will need to be obtained via a pdf download for completion and submission (a 2016 paper application will be available in April/May 2016).
  3. In addition, per the information in the Handbook, please note that processing time will be significantly longer when using a paper application than using the online renewal method. We hope you'll find the online renewal option user friendly and convenient.
  4. Besides the new online option, the other big change is that regardless of how you choose to apply for renewal by continuing education, you will NOT need to submit a detailed report of your continuing education activities with the application (e.g., summary report). At the time of application, you will need to attest to reading the current Renewal Handbook, abiding by the Canons of Ethical Conduct, and meeting all of the renewal requirements. ONLY if you are chosen for audit (random process) will you need to complete and submit paperwork that verifies that you met each requirement at the time you applied. For the continuing education requirement, documentation will involve a summary form (or print out of online tracking report) and verification of attendance. (See tracking option and audit information below.)


Obtain Handbook:

Renewal of Certification by Continuing Education
When it is published in April 2016, the 2016 Renewal of Certification by Continuing Education Handbook will be available via pdf download and in hard copy format. There is no charge for a hard copy version of the handbook.

After March 1, 2016, you can submit a request for the 2016 Renewal of Certification by Continuing Education Handbook be sent to you via mail. To submit your request, contact our office using the information below and be sure to include your mailing address.

Send requests AFTER March 1, 2016:
ATTN: Renewal Handbook
330 E. Algonquin Rd Suite 4
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone 877-239-3233 or 847-228-9795 Fax 847-228-8469
Email: NOTE - Please do NOT submit until March 1, 2016 - Click here to submit an email request for a 2016 Renewal by Continuing Education Handbook to be sent by mail (Please be sure to include your mailing address with the request).

Regardless of the method chosen to renew by continuing education, CDEs are encouraged to make use of the tracking option found in the CDE area of the web site (CDE login). The tracking option is a very easy way to track/document continuing education activities. If you are chosen for audit, the printout of your activities from this area of the site can serve as the Summary Form portion of the audit document package.

Click here if you are looking for the 2015 Renewal by Continuing Education Handbook. *****Click here if you had a 12/2015 expiration date and are looking for the Grace Period Application.*****

If you are chosen for audit, you will be notified and a deadline date for response will be included. Click here to see the 2015 audit documentation.

†IMPORTANT: Be sure to review the Handbook for the dates that applications are accepted. Applications cannot be accepted outside of the application windows .

Submission of Application

Renewal of Certification by Continuing Education

The 2016 window for submitting applications for renewal by continuing education opens
July 1, 2016, 1:00pm Central Time.
Please do not attempt to renew online or submit a paper application before that time.

Prior to completing the application, certificants will want to review the Handbook for the details on the application windows and deadline dates, along with important information on accrual timelines.

Applications for renewal by continuing education may be submitted online or using the paper application. Paper applications are only accepted by mail and cannot be accepted via facsimile or email.

Submission: See the Handbook for Renewal by Continiung Education for the various ways you may submit an application. Review the "Adherence to Published Policies" section of the Handbook for additional information also. To renew online, click here to access the CDE log in area. Once logged in, the renewal by continuing option will appear as a menu option beginning July 1, 2016 (left-hand side of screen).

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