Certified Diabetes Educator (Retired) Recognition List

The following individuals have applied for Certified Diabetes Educators (Retired) status and have met the requirements to obtain that status. NCBDE thanks these individuals for their time and commitment to helping those with diabetes and prediabetes. Each of these individuals has held an active CDE® credential for at least 20 years and has retired from the field of diabetes education.


Indivdiuals Holding Certified Diabetes Educator (Retired) Status

(As of 2/23/2017)

Alice Badeen

Nancy H. Barger

Marian M. Benz

Renea Bradley

Sharron K. Bueno

Samuel E. Crockett

George Ann Eaks

Constance M. Fetters

Mary A. Furst

Mary A. Giannoni

Deborah Goettelman

Carol Grafford

Carol B. Greenbaum

Elizabeth Gutierrez

 Rosalyn H. Haase

Susan W. Hartman

Debra Hayes

Nancy H. Hill

Karla Hilt

Valerie Isaacson

Barbara Joswick

Marlene Marie Kelly

Carol A. LaForest

 Kathleen Louise Lindahl

Mary P. Loftus

Lori J. Madsen

Debra McConville

Debra L. Meline

Mary Jane Metzger

Suellyn K. Milchovich

Karen R. Mohn

Cynthia Raymond

Patricia Scheiker

Sherry L. Smith Ossman

Kathleen Marie Overy

Kandy M. Pearson

Cheryl Ann Reardon

Doreen M. Small

Beverly Smith

Marilyn Taylor

Janice L. Tucker

Fanny Yohai

Anne E. Whittington

Joyce E. Zambito

Deaborah K. Zietlow