%%FullName%%, CDE®


Certificate No: %%CertificateNo%%

Expiration Date: %%ExpirationDate%%

Dear %%FullName%%,

Congratulations on successful completion of the continuing education renewal process to maintain your status as a Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®). You have reason to be proud of this professional achievement. We hope that you will share this accomplishment with your employer and the public, and in so doing elevate the status and public awareness of diabetes education. Please click here for a sample news release to assist you in sharing the news.

Because you have renewed your status as a CDE®, the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE) grants you permission to continue to use the marks CDE® and the CDE logo (CDE Marks) during the period in which your certification remains valid. In addition to using CDE® behind your name on stationery, business cards and the like, you may also use the CDE Marks by displaying the CDE certificate, wearing the official CDE pin, and displaying the CDE® logo on promotional materials. Camera-ready artwork of the CDE logo is available upon request from the NCBDE national office. As the organization that confers the CDE credential, NCBDE is obligated to advise certificants of the rules of usage for the CDE Marks. Click here to review the rules.

This letter also serves as your receipt that a fee of %%Fee%% was submitted with your application to renew. Please be sure to keep a copy of this document as no additional receipts will be available (NCBDE Tax #: 36-3506582).

A certificate and wallet card bearing your name, certification number, and certification expiration date will be sent to you in approximately 3 months. Before that time, you are welcome to use this letter as verification or to contact our office via facsimile or email to request a letter of verification. If you have moved since submitting the renewal application, we kindly ask that you notify the NCBDE national office of your new address and telephone number. If you do not receive the certificate and wallet card within 3 months, please notify NCBDE in writing.

Important information to make note of regarding your next renewal:

·         Renewal of certification is required in the year that your credential expires.
·         The requirement for accrual of 1,000 hours of professional practice experience for CDEs will continue to be in effect. For your renewal in 2024, your accrual cycle for professional practice experience starts on %%CycleDate%%. Information about this requirement, including the definition of professional practice for individuals renewing certification status and other details are available on NCBDE’s web site. (NOTE: The professional practice requirement for renewal of certification is NOT the same as that required for initial certification and can include qualified volunteer experience. NCBDE recognizes that diabetes education is an evolving specialty and that experienced CDEs often assume roles other than the practice of diabetes self-management education required for initial certification.)
·         If you choose to renew by the continuing education option in 2024, your accrual cycle for continuing education activities starts on %%CycleDate%%.

We encourage you to visit the NCBDE web site ( on a regular basis to stay abreast of changes that may occur in certification or renewal requirements and to read NCBDE News, the organization’s newsletter, published electronically one to two times per year. Click here to see the most current issue of NCBDE News. ***Once you log in to the CDE area of the site, you now have the opportunity to add your practice/program contact information to a consumer searchable directory.*** You are also encouraged to visit and post comments on NCBDE’s facebook page at:

If you did not make use of the continuing education tracking option on NCBDE’s web site for your 2019 renewal, please take a moment to review this area of the site when you have an opportunity. Many CDEs find the tracking option a very easy, convenient way to keep track of their continuing education activities and report them if chosen for audit.

Renewing your CDE credential demonstrates not only your dedication to your specialty, but also that you have continued to meet a level of contemporary knowledge in diabetes self-management education. Again, our congratulations on this important achievement. Use this credential with pride.

Sincerely yours,
Leonard R. Sanders, MD, FACP, BC-ADM, CLS, CDE®
Chair, Board of Directors
National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators
Phone: 877-239-3233
Fax: 847-228-8469