Audit Response Deadline: No later than %%DATE%%

To: %%NAME%% - CDE No.: %%CertificateNo%%

Thank you for submitting an application to renew your Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) credential using the continuing education option.

Your application has been randomly selected for audit. Therefore, you are required to provide NCBDE documentation of having met all of the renewal requirements at the time of application by the deadline date below. Instructions and documents required for submission of audit materials may be downloaded by clicking here.

The audit materials must be submitted via mail and received at the NCBDE national office no later than %%DATE%% in order to process your application. Please allow for sufficient time to ensure receipt of materials by the deadline date. Payment of a past due processing fee of $25 will be required if all audit documentation is not received by the above deadline date.

Thank you again, and we look forward to processing your audit materials and finalizing your renewal as quickly as possible upon receipt. Please contact the NCBDE national office at or 877-239-3233 if you have any questions about the audit process.