Statement on Canons of Ethical Conduct

NCBDE is an organization that strives to protect the public from practitioners inadequately educated and poorly trained to provide diabetes self-management education to persons with diabetes. Thus, NCBDE felt it was critical to protect the integrity of the CDE credential.

To that end, the NCBDE Board of Directors, at it's June 2012 meeting, adopted a set of Canons of Ethical Conduct and Rules and Procedures for the administration of those Canons. Effective January 2013, we will be asking that CDEs (and those who apply for the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators) agree by attestation that they will abide by the Canons. Note: The Canons and Rules were revised effective October 2013.

Click here to view the Canons of Ethical Conduct and the Rules and Procedures.

Click here to view the Ethical Complaint Form.

Adopted June, 2012; revised October 2013 - NCBDE