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What is the difference between NCBDE and the American Association of Diabetes Educators?

Although there is a professional relationship between the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE) and the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), it is important to understand that they are separate, autonomous organizations. Each is incorporated independent of the other, with separate charters, bylaws, finances, and leadership. AADE has no role in the certification program or any other activities of NCBDE.

Through the definition, development, maintenance, and protection of the certification and credentialing process, NCBDE promotes quality diabetes education. This is NCBDE’s mission. With the assistance of its contracted testing service, NCBDE periodically examines the psychometric and legal defensibility of the certification program to ensure that the content of the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators (Certification Examination) continues to reflect actual practice. The credentialing mechanism validates knowledge in diabetes education and provides recognition of excellence in practice. Certification sets the industry standard.

AADE is a professional membership organization dedicated to promoting the expertise of the diabetes educator, ensuring the delivery of quality diabetes self-education to the person with diabetes and contributing to the future direction of the profession. To support these efforts, AADE offers continuing education programs, publishes a professional journal, and promotes standards and guidelines for quality diabetes education.

Because AADE is a membership organization, its Board of Directors is elected by the membership. Individuals need not be CDEs to be eligible for membership in the AADE. All questions regarding AADE membership and continuing education programs should be referred to AADE.

NCBDE is not a membership organization. This Board elects its directors from a slate of nominees prepared by the Professional Development Committee. Eligibility for certification does not require membership in AADE. All questions regarding the Certification Examination, or certification or recertification as a diabetes educator should be referred to NCBDE.

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What is NCBDE's web site linking policy?

Thank you for your interest in linking to NCBDE’s web site. NCBDE encourages web sites to link to NCBDE web site.

Please refer to and use the following guidelines when setting up a link to NCBDE’s web site.

  1. NCBDE does NOT endorse companies, products or services, and strictly prohibits any suggestion of endorsement, recommendation, or superiority of one company, its products, services, ideas, or political campaigns and causes, over another company’s products, services, ideas, or political campaigns and causes.
  2. Unless you have the NCBDE’s express written consent, you may not use NCBDE’s copyrighted information or NCBDE’s logo, trademarks or service marks.
  3. Unless you have the NCBDE’s express written consent, you may not use NCBDE’s content for commercial or fundraising purposes.
  4. NCBDE does not allow framing of its web site. When setting up a link to NCBDE’s web site, NCBDE’s site should open in a new web browser window rather than displaying the pages in a frame of the linking site’s web template, when frames are used in the site’s design.
  5. Links directly to NCBDE’s web site should be text-only and you may not use NCBDE’s stylized logo as a link, as our logo cannot be shown on your site.
  6. NCBDE does not allow other web sites to copy and reuse information or material(s) from NCBDE’s web site. 

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