Receipt of Applications

For individuals applying on-line, notification of either approval to sit for the Examination or that an applicant has been selected for audit is provided at the time of application. For individuals applying using a paper application, you should call PSI/AMP if you have not received notice of receipt more than 4 weeks after the application was mailed. Call the PSI/AMP Examination Services Department at (833) 333-4755. This information is not available from the NCBDE national office.

Review of Applications Selected for Audit

For individuals selected for audit during the application process, the audit documentation must be received by the NCBDE national office by the deadline date identified in the audit notice. A link to the audit documentation is provided with the notice, but is also available using the following link*: 2020 Audit Documents. Refer to the document for specific instructions and forms required to verify eligibility. Notification of decisions on eligibility after the audit process is completed are provided to the applicants as quickly as possible. Neither the NCBDE national office nor PSI/AMP Examination Services provides the status of an application via telephone, fax, or electronically. Occasionally determinations of eligibility require additional time. Applicants will be notified when approved for scheduling their exam. Once approved, you will have 90 days from the approval date to schedule their exam. Applicants must be aware of this and plan accordingly.

NOTE: Applicants who elect to take review courses to prepare for the Examination should also note that the timing and costs of taking such courses are wholly unrelated to the NCBDE certification program.

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