Examination Fees

Initial Certification: $350.00
Renewal of Certification: $250.00
Expired Certification: $350.00

The application fee includes a $100 non-refundable processing fee. You can register for the Exam online at www.goamp.com.  

Refer to a current Examination Handbook (Examination Handbook) for information on fee policies. Individuals applying under the Unique Qualifications Pathway follow a pre-approval process and will need to apply via paper application.  Refer to the Handbook for details.

Examination Windows

The Examination is administered on an ongoing basis with applicants using an examination appointment window of 90 days after approval of the application. Approved candidates must schedule an appointment and take the exam within that 90 day window on a date of their choosing*. PSI, NCBDE’s professional testing agency, has multiple testing locations across the country where the Examination can be taken (see Assessment Center Locations below); trained proctors will be available to assist with the process. Review the Exam Handbook for more details: Certification Handbook.

Examination applications for the 2019 year are taken on a year-round basis.
Once the applicant's application is approved the candidate has 90 days from the approval date in which to schedule and take the exam. Refer to the grid below for examples.

Exam Window Examples
Date Applied Date Approved

90 Day Exam Testing Window

Must Take Test by End of Window

Apply Online - 7/20/2019 Processed and Approved - 7/20/2019 90 days from approval, e.g., 10/18/2019
Apply by Paper - 7/20/2019 Processed and Approved - 8/10/2019 90 days from approval, e.g., 11/08/2019
Apply Online - 7/25/2019 Processed, Audited; Audit Documents Approved - 8/20/2019 90 days from approval, e.g., 11/18/2019
Apply by Paper - 8/1/2019 Processed, Audited, Audit Documents Approved - 8/15/2019 90 days from approval, e.g., 11/13/2019
Apply Online - 10/1/2019 Processed and Approved - 10/1/2019 90 days from approval, e.g., 12/30/2019
Apply by Paper - 10/1/2019 Processed and Approved - 11/1/2019 90 days from approval, e.g., 1/30/2020


*VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND: Exam appointments are available on a year-round basis. HOWEVER, remember that on any given day, there are only a limited number of seats available to take the exam at any specific Assessment Center. Because appointments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, you will want to schedule your exam appointment as quickly as possible after approval in order to provide you with the most flexibility.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR APPLICANTS? Please do not wait until November or December to apply/schedule an exam appointment if you wish to take the exam prior to the end of the year. There may not be a seat available at your preferred Assessment Center or even the next closest center.


Assessment Center Locations

PSI Assessment Centers have been selected to provide accessibility for the most candidates in all states and major metropolitan areas. Search for a current listing of PSI Assessment Centers, including addresses and driving directions, by clicking here. Some PSI Assessment Centers are located in H&R Block Premium Center locations. Specific address information will be provided when a candidate schedules an examination appointment.

Obtain an Application for the Certification Examination

Click here for information on obtaining the Certification Handbook (and Application).

Click here for an informational brochure for the examination.

Duplicate Score Report

Score reports are available directly from PSI/AMP, NCBDE's testing agency, for a period of 12 months from the date of the exam administration. A fee of $25 is required with each request for a duplicate score report. This fee is paid directly to PSI. Please contact PSI for additional information: info-AMP@goamp.com or 913-895-4600.