Listing of Mentors by State (as of  3/31/17)

A listing by state of currently approved CDE® mentors is provided below. This listing is provided to give interested individuals the opportunity to see how many mentors may be available in their state. This list will be updated as additional mentors are approved. Upon approval of an individual's mentee application, full contact information for all current mentors will be made available for pursuit of a possible partnership. If you know a CDE® who is not on this list, but who you feel would make a great mentor, please encourage the person to review the Program mentor eligibility criteria.

NCBDE wishes to thank these mentor CDEs and the other CDEs who have a mentor application under review for their commitment to diabetes education. We also thank the organizations that employ our mentor CDEs for their support of NCBDE's efforts to expand the number of CDEs available to people with diabetes.


Rachel Calendo, RN, CPNP, CDE®
Cardon Children's Medical Center/Bannerhealth (FYI: can only mentor Cardon Children's Medical Center employees)

Jeanne Fenn, RN, PNP, CDE®
University of Arizona Medical Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Alberta McCabe, MSN/Ed, RN, CDE® 
Phoenix Indian Medical Center - Diabetes Center of Excellence (Note: currently has mentee)

Robin Wineinger, RD, CDE®, MEd
Carondelet Diabetes Care Centers - St. Joseph's Diabetes Care Center


Dana U. Armstrong, RD, CDE® 
Diabetes & Nutrition Support Services (Note: currently has mentee)

Harry Avellona, RN, MSD/Ed, CDE® 
Good Samaritan Hospital (FYI: can only mentor Good Samarital Hospital employees)

Lou Erin Castillo, RN, CDE®

Diabetes Care Center - Shasta Regional Medical Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Ann Doherty, RN, CDE®
Alta Bates Summit Diabetes Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Harriett Ann (Sue) Fernstrom, MPH, RD, CDE®
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Danielle Halewijn, RD, CDE® 
PIH Health (FYI: can only mentor PIH employees)

Maribeth Inturrisi, RN, MS, CNS, CDE®
Physician Foundation at Calfornia Pacific Medical Center (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: Patient population - perinatal)

Elizabeth T. Leong, RD, CDE®
Bay Area Diabetes and Wellness Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Michelle Mason-Chadd, RN, CDE® 
Kaiser Permanente (FYI: can only mentor Kaiser Permanente employees)

Vicky McKay, MS, RD, CDE® 
Kaiser Permanente (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor Kaiser Permanente employees)

Terrye Peterson, RN, CDE®
University of California, Irvine Health Care

Martha Quintana, RN, BSN, CDE®, CPT
Diabetes Health Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Virginia Smelser, RN, CDE®
John Muir Health, Diabetes Center

Susan Smith, PhD, CDE®
Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation/Visalia Medical Clinic

Jacqueline Thompson, MS, RD, CDE®
Diabetes Health Center

Lois Weiss, RN, CNS, CDE®
St. Mary's Medical Center 


Lisa Harris, MS, RD, CDE®
Poudre Valley Hospital Center for Diabetes Services AND Medical Center of the Rockies Center for Diabetes Services


Deanna Howard-Gonzalez, RD, LD, CDE®
Twin Cities Hospital 

Deanna Spears, RN CDE®
Central Florida Regional Hospital/DSME Program (Note: currently has mentee)


Allison Fox, PharmD, CDE®
Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Sara Reece, PharmD, CDE®
The Longstreet Clinic

Susan Ullrich, RN, MA, Ed, CDE®
Southeast Georgia Health System


Sharon Ferguson, RN, CDE®
Mahaska Health Partnership


Randi Barbon, RN, CDE®
Centegra Diabetes Center (FYI: can only mentor Centegra Health Systems employees)

Susan Bettenhausen, RN, CDE®
Adventist Health Partners

Gloria Boland, BSN, RN, CDE®
Advocate Condell Medical Center

Carole Corder, MS, RD, CDE®
St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital

Kelly Cuffe, RD, CDE®
Riverside Medical Center

Susan Drogos, RN, BSN, CDE®, MPA
Northwest Community Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Sarah Ferguson, RN, ACNS-BC, CDE®, BC-ADM
Centegra Diabetes Center AND Delnor Center for Diabetes Management (Note: currently has mentee)

Amy Fischl, MS, RD, LDN, BC-ADM, CDE®
University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Catherine Geraci, RN, APN, CDE®
LaRabida Children's Hospital - Chicago Children's Diabetes Center

Beryl Larson, RN, MSN, CDE®, CNL
Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, Diabetes Center

Colleen Miller-Owens, APN, CNP, CDE®
Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor Northwestern Medicine employees)

Charlotte Niznik, RN, APRN, CDE®
Northwestern University/Div. Maternal-Fetal Medicine
, Feinberg School of Medicine (FYI: can only mentor Northwestern Medicine employees)

Vasanthi Prabhaker, RD, LDN, CDE®
Central Dupage/Delnor Hospital

Deborah Redd, RN, CDE®
Illinois Valley Diabetes Center for Excellence (Note: currently has mentee)

Tavia Vital, RN, CDE®
Unity Point Health, Trinity (Note: currently has mentee)


Rose Flinchum, MS, CNS, CDE®
Indiana University Health - LaPorte Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Freda Schafer, RDN, CDE®
Witham Endocrinology (FYI: can only mentor Witham Endocrinology employees)


Andrea Dohlman, RN, APRN, CDE®
University of Kansas Health Systems/Cray Diabetes Center

Patricia Hohman, APRN, CDE®
Lawrence Memorial Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Amy Huelle, MPH, RD, LD, CDE®
The University of Kansas Medical Center  (Note: currently has mentee) 


Theresa Clark, MS, RD, LD, CPT, CDE®
Diabetes Resource Center of Hopkinsville

Debra Deck, RN, CDE®
Jennie Stuart Medical Center

Linda Mills, RN, BSN, CDE®
Baptist Regional Medical Center (FYI: can only mentor Baptist Regional Medical Center employees)


Jen Avis, MEd, LD, RD, CDE®
St. Francis Diabetes and Nutrition Center (Note: currently has mentee)


Amy Campbell, RD, CDE®
Good Measures (Note: currently has mentee)

Jo Fleming, RN, CDE®
Milford Regional Medical Center
(Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor Miford Regional Medical Center employees)

Erin Kelly, RN, BSN, CDE®
Joslin Diabetes Center

Andrea Ford, BNS, RN, CDE®

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor Shady Grove Adventist Hospital employees)

Angela Ginn-Meadow, RD, LDN, CDE®
University of Maryland Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology (Note: currently has mentee)

Sharon Evette Hawks, MS, RD, LDN, CDE®
Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center, LLC (Note: currently has mentee)

Linda Henderson, RN, CDE®

Holy Cross Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Michele McBride, RN, BSN, CDE®

Adventist Hospital


Robert Kocembo, OD, FCOVD, CNS, CDE®
Western U/Salus University (Note: currently has mentee)

Pamela Kay Milan, RD, MBA, CDE®
Henry Ford Health System-Outpatient Diabetes Education Program (Note: currently has mentee)

Timira Perry, RN, BSN, CDE®
Oaklawn Hospital Diabetes Education (Note: currently has mentee)

Virginia Ramsay, RN, MSN CDE®
St. Mary Mercy Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Clisty Sturdy, RD, CDE® 
St. Joseph Mercy Center for Diabetes


Marsha Hughes, MS, RD, LD, CDE®
Health East


Ruth Mencl, RN, MN, CDE®, CPT
St Lukes East Hospital Diabetes Center

Vicky Taylor, RN, BSN, CDE®
St. Lukes Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)


Patricia Stuart, BS, MPH, MS, CDE®
KeyHabits, LLC


Timothy Daly, PharmD, CDE®
Mission Hospital's Diabetes & Health Education Center

Sara Foreman, RD, LDN, CDE®
Albemarle Regional Health Services

Karen Hoerner, RN, CDE®, MSN, FNP
Mission Hospital Diabetes Education Center

Wanda B. Honeycutt, RN, CDE®
Rowan Regional Medical Cente Diabetes & Nutrition Center

Susan Houston, RN, CDE®, CHC
Vidant Employee Wellness


Karen Adams, APRN, FNP-BC, MSN, CDE®
KLA Diabetes Care PLLC

Shawna Bedard, MS, RD, LD, CDE®
Concord Hospital Diabetes and Nutrition Services (Note: currently has mentee)

Jane Hackett, RD, MA, LD, CDE®
Exeter Hospital Healthreach Diabetes, Endocrine, & Nutrition Center (FYI: can only mentor Exeter Hospital employees)

Sandra Madden, RN, CDE®
Dartmouth Hitchcock


Margaret Eckler, MS, RD, CDE® 
Summit Medical Group

Lois Gerst, RN, BSN, CDE®
Virtua Center for Nutrition & Diabetes Care

Francine Grabowski, MS, RD, CDE®
Center for Health & Wellness at Cooper University Hospital

Meaghan Kim, RN, CDE®
AtlantiCare (FYI: can only mentor AtlantiCare employees)

Robin Stout, RN, CDE®
Virtua Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Care


Bernadette Chavez, RN, CDE®
Christus St Vincent Regional Diabetes Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Karen-Lynn Fiato, CNP, CDE®
Presbyterian Hospital 

Rebecca Kiss, RN, BSN, CDE®
NMVAHCS - New Mexico Veterans Administration

Barbara Macmillan, RN, CNS, CDE®, BC-ADM
University of New Mexico Center for Diabetes Education (FYI: can only mentor University of New Mexico Hospital employees)

Linda Reineke, RD, CDE®
University of New Mexico Hospital (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor University of New Mexico Hospital employees)

Dee Romine, RN, RD, CDE®
Veterans Medical Center


Jan Boyer, MS, RN, CDE®
Diabetes Health Services


Molly Bederian, RN, RD, CDE®
Seton Health Diabetes Education (Note: currently has mentee)

Mary Capacci, RN, MSN, FNP, CDE®
St. Joseph Neighborhood Health Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Linda Cohen, RN, CDE®
Downstate Medical Center

Margaret Diliberto, NP, CDE®
Glen Cove Hospital

Rosalia Doyle, RD, CDE®
North Shore University Hospital (FYI: can only mentor North Shore University Hospital employees)

Marie Frazzitta, NP, DNP, CDE®
Northshore Center - Diabetes in Pregnancy

Samuel Grossman, BS Pharm, PharmD, CDE®
Diabetes Care On The Go

Ann Marie Hasse, RN, BSN, CDE®, CPT
North Shore University Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Chukwuma Madu, PharmD, CDE®
XtraCare Pharmacy/Freeport Medical Supply (Note: currently has mentee)

Susan Rioux, MS, RN, CNS, CDE®
St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center

Kathie Rohrs, MSN, BSN, RN, CDE®
Nathan Littauer Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Julia Schulman, RN, MSN, CDE®
North Shore LIJ Health Systems

Gail Serino, RN, BSN, CDE®
Syracuse Veteran's Administration

Laura Smith, RN, CDE®
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Lourdes Diabetes Center (FYI: mentees must sign up as a hospital volunteer and meet volunteer requirements)


Elizabeth Downey, RN, CDE®
Louis Stokes VA Medical Center

Mary Julius, RD, LD, CDE®
Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC (FYI: can only mentor VA employees)

Tamara Lincoln, CNP, CDE®
Community Health Care

Chyrsa Nasca Kirsch, RN, CDE®
Cleveland Clinic - Euclid Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Jane Scott, RN, FNP-BC, CDE®
Diabetes Education Learning Center, LLC (Note: currently has mentee)


Joni Beck, PharmD, CDE®, BC-ADM
OUHSC - College of Medicine OU Children's Diabetes Center

Pamela Litschke, RN, CDE®
Mercy Hospital - Diabetes Self-Management Program (Note: currently has mentee)


Victoria Stave, RD, CDE®
PeaceHealth Medical Group - DTMS


Janice Albert, RN, CDE®
Conemaugh Diabetes Institute (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor Conemaugh employees)

Susan Hobbins, RN, BSN, CDE® 
Conemaugh Diabetes Institute

Amanda Hoffman, RD, LDN, CDE®
Conemaugh Diabetes Institute (Note: currently has mentee)

Patricia Hutchison, RN, MSN, CDE®
Jameson Health System 

Patricia Johnson, RN, BSN, CDE®
University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute/PRIDE

Karen Leone-Pritts, RD, CDE®

Mononagahela Valley Hospital, Inc. (Note: currently has mentee)

Barbara O'Connor, RN, CDE®
Phoenixville Hospital

Bonnie Pepon, RN, BSN, CDE® 
Conemaugh Diabetes Institute (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor Conemaugh employees)

Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE®
Integrated Diabetes Services, LLC

Linda Siminerio, RN, PhD, CDE® 
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Margaret Thearle, RN, CDE®
University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute

Debra Zlomek, RN, CDE®
PMSI (Note: currently has mentee)


Minnie Cleveland. RN, CDE®
Palmetto Health Richland

Anita Longan, RD, LD, CDE®, BC-ADM
HopeHealth Diabetes Center

Pamela  Mazza, MSN, APRN, CDE®, BC-ADM
Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center


Susan Barnes, RN, CDE®
Avera Sacred Heart Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Robyn Tyler, RN, CNS, CDE®
Sioux Falls VA Health Care System


Carol Carter, RD, CDE®
Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Center

LaTonya Ivy, RN, MSN, BC-ADM, CDE®
Methodist LeBonheur Outpatient Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Sherry Ivy, APN, CNS, CDE®
LeBonheur Children's Hospital 

Kristy A. Merritt, RN, BSN, CDE®
Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare (Note: currently has mentee)


Laura Abbey, RN, CDE®
St. David's Medical Center

Sherry Davidson, BSN, RN, CDE®
Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano (Note: currently has mentee)

Tracy Foster, BSN, RN, CDE®
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas

Judy Gantt, RN, MSN, CNS, CDE® 
Seton Diabetes Education Center

Christine Goodson, RD, LD, CDE® 
Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital (FYI: can only mentor Memorial Hermann employees)

Janice Hertz, RN CDE® 
Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

Mary Beth Pawlak, RN, CDE®
Memorial Hermann - The Woodlands (FYI: can only mentor Memorial Hermann employees)

Sarah Rhodes, RN, CDE®
Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano (Note: currently has mentee)


Clara Schneider, MS, RD, RN, LDN, CDE®
HII Family Health Center (Note: currently has mentee) (FYI: can only mentor HII employees)


Marylou Anderson, MS, RD, CD, CDE®
St. Joseph Medical Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Heather Denis, RD, CPT, HCA, CDE®
St. Joseph Medical Center (Note: currently has mentee)

Jennifer Helms, RD, CDE®
Kennewick General Hospital Diabetes & Nutrition Education

Jennifer Newell, RN, MHA, CDE®
Auburn Regional Medical Center


Stacy Getten, RD, MS, CDE®
Marshfield Clinic

Patti Hafeman, RN, CDE®
Aspirus Wausau Hospital


Alice Lockman, FNP, BC, CDE®
Montgomery General Hospital (Note: currently has mentee)

Anise Nash, RN, FNP-BC, MSN, CDE®
Bruce S. Chertow Diabetes Center


Dian True, RN, CDE®
Billings Clinic - Cody  (Note: currently has mentee)

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