2. Professional Practice Experience

After meeting the Discipline requirement, both of the following professional practice experience requirements must be met in United States or its territories prior to sitting for the exam:

a) Minimum of 2 years (to the day) of professional practice experience in the discipline under which the individual is applying for certification;


b) Minimum of 1,000 hours of diabetes education (DE) experience earned within 4 years of application date, with a minimum of 40% of those hours (400 hours) accrued in the most recent year preceding application.

To learn more, see Eligiblity Requirements for Initial Certification, Professional Practice Experience, on page 4 of the Examination Handbook.

Definition of Diabetes Education (DE) - 2019

Diabetes self-management education and support or DSMES, also referred to as diabetes self-management training or diabetes education, is performed by health professionals who have appropriate credentials and experience consistent with the particular profession’s scope of practice. For NCBDE’s purpose, diabetes education (DE) is used.

Visit page 5 of the Examination Handbook for full details on NCBDE’s definition of DE including what components of the process can be counted toward your DE practice hours and examples of activities that cannot be counted.

It is important to note that regardless of discipline, knowledge (and the ability to apply that knowledge) is necessary across all areas of the examination content outline.


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