General Information

The content of the Examination is not based on any one text, reference book or journal. To prepare for the Examination, NCBDE suggests that the applicant review carefully the Examination Content Outline (see Content Outline). If there are particular subject areas where additional study may be indicated, reference materials specific to those areas may need to be identified. To assist in this process, NCBDE has compiled a list of suggested references (see References).

The references are suggestions ONLY. Their inclusion does not imply that Examination content is based on them, that all content will be covered, or that studying any of the references will ensure success on the Examination. It should also not be inferred that Examination questions are based on any particular book or journal or that studying particular references or attending any review course guarantees a passing score.

NCBDE does not endorse, or financially benefit from, or participate in the development of any preparatory or review courses or published materials claiming to be study guides for the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators, except those published or sponsored by NCBDE.

Testing of Advancements

NCBDE recognizes that advances in the treatment of diabetes continue to be made. It is also recognized that the dissemination of this information may not occur at the same rate in different areas of the United States. In consideration, NCBDE has developed the following policies:

1. New medical advances, guidelines, or pharmaceuticals impacting diabetes self-management education and/or treatment of diabetes will be included in the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators no sooner than one year after the information is released.

2. New diagnostic criteria or specific guidelines impacting diabetes self-management education and/or treatment of diabetes which are released nationally and identified as effective immediately may be included in the examination at any time.

NEWExam Suggestions & Tips Brochure

NCBDE has created a brochure that includes suggestions and tips to assist exam candidates in preparing for and taking the exam. Are you taking the exam soon? Check out the brochure for ideas that can be incorporated into your study plan and for information that might be helpful prior to/on your exam day

Practice Examination

NCBDE has developed the CDE® Practice Examination as one possible option for preparing for the Examination. The practice exam is provided in an on-line format that an individual can access from their computer. With 50 multiple-choice questions, the practice exam is illustrative of the type and format of questions included on the actual Examination and allows an individual to practice taking an abbreviated version of the Examination. The actual time allotted for completion of the Examination is 4 hours; candidates are encouraged to try and complete the practice examination in one hour to simulate the time allotted for the actual Examination. Questions are based on the current Examination Content Outline (see Content Outline). The practice examination and the actual Examination both represent a comparable sampling of questions that are selected from a larger pool of potential topics appropriate for diabetes educators.

NOTE: The focus of this examination is practice, rather than self-assessment. The score report does not include a report on specific items answered incorrectly; it will only identify scores by major content outline areas. Your individual results will remain confidential. Though aggregate scores (i.e., without individual identifiers) may be reviewed by NCBDE to evaluate the practice examination process.

There is a fee to take the practice examination and payment is required via credit card. Individuals can take the practice examination on-line within a 60 day window after purchase. For more information about the practice examination and how to purchase one, please use the following link: Practice examination.