shutterstock_CDEphone67515589I am making a small, but important, difference in my community...



The CDE® credential is the embodiment of a true professional...


The look of understanding and relief on their faces is priceless when they realize that they can manage their disease with knowledge and support.

shutterstock_CDEwPatient12014242I serve as my patients’ mentor, confidant and cheerleader.

We hope you'll take a few moments to review the statements from some of our dedicated CDEs...

“Having the CDE® has opened up so many more opportunities for me. It is rewarding to see your patients have positive outcomes because you made this disease manageable. I am able to teach them what this disease really is versus what they perceive the disease to be. Most importantly, I serve as my patients’ mentor, confidant and cheerleader. I have been a CDE® for 14 years and I have loved every minute of it.”
Lea Anne Weigel, RN, C BSN, CDE®, Tucson, AZ

“Certification legitimizes your position, no matter where you work. By having the CDE®, you are able to prove your competency and serve as a leader to co-workers who look to you for your knowledge and skill.  Earning my CDE® was a personal accomplishment and a source of immense pride. I am making a small, but important, difference in my community and that makes certification all the more important.”
N.A.B., MSN, RN, CDE®, Valdosta, GA 

“I have managed three diabetes education programs during the last 15 years and have always looked for the CDE® credential when hiring new staff. The CDE® credential is the embodiment of a true professional who has taken the initiative to achieve the gold standard of excellence in our field.”
Sandie Anderson, MSN, ARNP-BC, CDE®, BC-ADM , Lenexa, KS

“Blood glucose management is crucial in improving patients' outcomes in both inpatient and outpatient settings. However, uncontrolled blood sugar has been an ongoing problem due to the lack of knowledge in management of this disease. Therefore, CDEs® play an important role in educating patients and all healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, and dietitians.”
Kay Tan MS, RD, LD, CDE®, Fort Worth, TX

“I became a CDE® because of the satisfaction that comes from helping bewildered, newly diagnosed people with diabetes learn how to ask the right questions and view this as an opportunity to make some gradual improvements in their habits toward overall better health. The look of understanding and relief on their faces is priceless when they realize that they can manage their disease with knowledge and support. In the 20 years since being certified, diabetes has grown in every way; new drugs, treatments, online professional resources and of course, more patients. It's a challenge but I love it!”
M.S., MS, RD, CDE®, LDN, Pottstown, PA

“As a CDE®, I am better able to help people with pre-diabetes and all types of diabetes to improve their health and prevent progression of the disease. Because of my CDE® credential, I believe people feel I have more credibility and knowledge to help them to learn about diabetes and what they can do to take care of themselves. My peers and employers have also respected my expertise as a CDE® and, as a result, I have been offered many exciting opportunities for advancement to better help people living with diabetes through the programs we offer.”
Carolyn Harrington, RD, LDN, CDE®, Venice, FL

“It is crucial to have a CDE® as a team member in the hospital as well as outpatient setting. The CDE® empowers the patient to implement care that the physician has prescribed and learn day-to-day lifestyle management. Not only does the CDE® teach and educate, they also encourage and collaborate on how to manage and improve care. CDE's® are a vital part of diabetes management and have the time to spend with patients that physicians do not always have to help achieve the best outcomes.”
Rebecca Morrison, BSN, RN, CDE®, Marietta, GA

“Of all of my credentials, may I say I am most proud of the CDE®. The experiences necessary to earn and maintain it are rigorous. They require a repertoire of fresh knowledge to educate each patient based upon their unique abilities. It is a disease that is more manageable currently than ever before, largely because Certified Diabetes Educators care deeply to impart accurate information to patients.”
Heather Gagliardi, MS, RD, CDE®, LDN, Seekonk, MA

“The CDE® credential has changed my career giving me independence, financial security and the confidence one receives in knowing that you are an "expert" in an area of health and medicine that is epidemic. It allowed me to go from generalist as a medical-surgical clinical specialist to a diabetes specialist. I have been in nursing for almost 40 years, becoming CDE® is the best career move I made, other than receiving my master’s degree.”
Sharon Guadagno, APRN, CDE®, West Nyack, NY

“I became a CDE® because my patients deserve the best in diabetes care. As a CDE®, I can provide the highest standards in diabetes care and intervention.”
Barbara Eichorst, MS, RD, CDE®, Chicago, IL

“As an addition to my RD credential the CDE® has provided me invaluable status and credibility with physicians and peers, as well as advanced salary increases and secured career opportunities. The CDE® is well worth the time and money.” 
Madeline Patterson-O’Dell, RD, LD, CDE®, Fairbanks, AK

“I have been a CDE® for six years and obtaining the certification has set me apart from other nurse practitioners.  Since there is a shortage of CDEs®, acquiring and maintaining the certification has expanded opportunities for employment and participation in diabetes projects that would not be possible without it.”
Iris Sanchez, DNP, FNP, CDE®, BC-ADM, WesLaco, TX