Congratulations on passing the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators. You have reason to be proud of this professional achievement. The National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE) hopes that you will share this accomplishment with your employer and the people with diabetes that you serve, and in so doing elevate the status and public awareness of diabetes self-management education. A sample news release can be found below to assist you in sharing the news.

Because of your status as a Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®), NCBDE grants you permission to use the marks CDE® and the CDE logo (CDE Marks) during the period in which your certification remains valid. In addition to using CDE behind your name on stationery, business cards and the like, you may also use the CDE Marks by displaying the CDE certificate, wearing the official CDE pin, and displaying the CDE logo on promotional materials. Camera-ready artwork of the CDE logo is available upon request. To obtain the artwork (sent only via mail), send a request including your mailing address, via mail, telephone, facsimile or e-mail (Click here) to NCBDE's national office. As the organization that confers the CDE credential, NCBDE is obligated to advise certificants of the rules of usage for the CDE Marks. You should familiarize yourself with these rules below.

For those who pass the examination, a certificate and wallet card bearing your name, certification number and expiration date will be sent to you. Click below for additional information. Note: If you have moved since applying for the examination, we ask that you notify the NCBDE national office of your new address and telephone number. If you do not receive the certificate within six months after the date of the examination, kindly notify NCBDE in writing.

Now that you have achieved initial certification, renewal of certification can be accomplished by taking the examination or by using the renewal by continuing education option in the year that your credential will expire. You should also be aware that a professional practice requirement for CDEs is in effect. Information on this requirement, including the definition of professional practice for individuals renewing their certification status, may be found on NCBDE’s web site. Be sure to review the information on the renewal practice requirement, so you can keep that in mind moving forward.  VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: For newly certified individuals, be sure to make note in your records that you cannot begin accruing either continuing education activities or renewal practice hours until the January following the date you pass the examination, e.g., January 15, 2019 or December 1, 2019 test date = January 1, 2020 accrual date for both continuing education activities.

Also now that you are certified, you will receive notice of the availability of the NCBDE News, the organization’s newsletter published each year. The most recent issue is also available. We encourage you to read the newsletter as well as to visit our web site to stay abreast of changes that may occur in certification or renewal requirements. NCBDE's facebook page is another way to stay in touch with NCBDE and fellow CDEs.

Obtaining the CDE® credential demonstrates not only your dedication to your specialty but also that you have met a level of contemporary knowledge in diabetes self-management education. Again, our congratulations on this important achievement. Use this credential with pride.

Sincerely yours,

Jasmine Gonzalvo, PharmD, BCPS, BC-ADM, LDE, CDE®
2020 Chair, NCBDE Board of Directors

Rules of Usage for CDE Marks

The marks, CDE® and CDE CERTIFIED DIABETES EDUCATOR®, and CDE in the design form approved by NCBDE, are federally registered certification marks. There are prohibited uses of the CDE designation and the CDE Marks, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Communicating to others in any way that you have the right or authority to provide diabetes self-management education or other services beyond the limitations set forth in the applicable practice act of your profession.
  • Promotion or endorsement of commercial products and services other than your personal diabetes self-management education services.

NCBDE specifically reserves the right to amend its policies with respect to the usage of the CDE marks at any time, provided that it will take reasonable steps to notify you of any policy changes. In no event may you use any of the CDE marks after your certification has expired or been revoked. Permission to use the CDE Marks may be terminated by NCBDE at any time pursuant to NCBDE policies and procedures.

Should you have any questions regarding usage of the CDE Marks, do not hesitate to contact the NCBDE national office.

Certificates and Wallet Cards

Complimentary certificates and wallet cards are provided by NCBDE to those who pass the Examination approximately three months after passing the Examination.

News Release Template

A sample news release is available for your use.

CDE Log-In Area of Web Site

Once you receive your certificate, you will have the information needed to access the area of the web site available only to CDEs. This area of the web site provides you with various order forms, most recent issues of NCBDE News, and a place to track your continuing education activities should you choose to renew by this method.

More Information

Click here for more information about NCBDE and being a CDE.