National Diabetes Month: Acknowledging our Certified Diabetes Educators


Thank you

In recognition of National Diabetes Month (also known as American Diabetes Month) in November, NCBDE acknowledges and thanks all that our CDEs do every day to support individuals currently living with and managing diabetes.  By earning your CDE® credential, you have truly gone the extra mile, promoting diabetes awareness and education all year round.

What people are saying

But don’t take it from us.  Here’s just two examples of the ways in which your efforts have impacted real people living with diabetes and furthered diabetes education across the country:

  • "The assistance your office provides in Diabetes education has been nothing less than a lifesaver.  Your kindness and eagerness to help has had a positive impact on all of us who rely on your for your services. It is my sincere hope that others will recognize the vital need of your education services and continue to support it in the hospital and community. " -C Family, Bayonne, NJ
  • "I have seen firsthand the value of developing a close relationship with the Certified Diabetes Educator® in my doctor's office. I would not be where I am today without having gained the understanding and skills required to manage my disease from my CDE®.  The physicians and staff rely on their specialized knowledge to tailor an individual treatment plan that brings the greatest result. If one day I was forced to change doctors, I would not even consider one without an experienced diabetes educator in the office." -JS, Nokomis, FL

Read more patient testimonials here.

What CDEs are saying

Your fellow CDEs agree. Read in their own words the many ways in which earning the CDE has positioned them as experts within diabetes education and what it has meant to their patients and careers:

  • “Having the CDE® has opened up so many more opportunities for me. It is rewarding to see your patients have positive outcomes because you made this disease manageable. I am able to teach them what this disease really is versus what they perceive the disease to be. Most importantly, I serve as my patients’ mentor, confidant and cheerleader. I have been a CDE® for 14 years and I have loved every minute of it.” Lea Anne Weigel, RN, C BSN, CDE®, Tucson, AZ
  • “Certification legitimizes your position, no matter where you work. By having the CDE®, you are able to prove your competency and serve as a leader to co-workers who look to you for your knowledge and skill.  Earning my CDE® was a personal accomplishment and a source of immense pride. I am making a small, but important, difference in my community and that makes certification all the more important.” N.A.B., MSN, RN, CDE®, Valdosta, GA
  • “I have managed three diabetes education programs during the last 15 years and have always looked for the CDE® credential when hiring new staff. The CDE® credential is the embodiment of a true professional who has taken the initiative to achieve the gold standard of excellence in our field.” Sandie Anderson, MSN, ARNP-BC, CDE®, BC-ADM , Lenexa, KS

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Resource Center

Having already earned your CDE, you’ve indicated you are dedicated to diabetes self-management education.  To that end, NCBDE has tools to help you acknowledge and celebrate National Diabetes Month throughout November in your own personal way.  Encouraging education and helping spread awareness throughout our communities is just one more way we can support diabetes care, management and prevention. Big or small, your actions matter and are impactful. 

Visit our Resource Center for access to info sheets about the value of working with CDEs to your website or distribute to persons with diabetes or colleagues.

National (aka American) Diabetes Month Resources for CDEs:

Email tagline: “November is American Diabetes Month.  Learn more about the important role CDEs play in diabetes education.  Add this to the bottom of your outgoing emails to increase exposure about the CDE program.

The American Diabetes Association also provides educational materials, including fact sheets and posters.

The National Diabetes Education Program also has resources. Check it out.

Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do for those managing diabetes and those working to educate our communities about diabetes prevention.  Your certification efforts are vital to improving the daily lives of those affected by diabetes!