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To satisfy the requirement for CDE renewal of certification (or for use in applying for initial certification), continuing education applicable to diabetes must be provided by or approved by a provider* listed below.

Continuing education activities provided through accredited academic institutions within the United States or its territories granting degrees related to professional practice are also accepted (e.g., continuing education activity provided by an accredited academic institution's School of Nursing, Nutrition, Social Work, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc.).

*Several state boards of licensure require continuing education for renewal of licensure. Acceptance by a state board of licensure does not guarantee that a continuing education program meets NCBDE’s criteria. The state board of licensure MUST be accredited or approved by one of the NCBDE recognized provider(s) for an activity to be considered for NCBDE renewal of certification and the recognized provider must be listed on the Summary Form, not the state board of licensure, when the activity is reported.