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Will NCBDE send me a notice that my credential is expiring?

Yes. As a courtesy, NCBDE mails at least one reminder notice and also sends at least one email reminder to the CDEs who have provided their email addresses. It is important to notify NCBDE of any address change, as the primary notification is mailed the year prior to credential expiration. However, regardless of receipt of a notice, each CDE® is responsible for knowing their expiration date and the available deadline dates for their chosen method of renewal.

Email Note:  NCBDE uses a communication platform service as a means to notify CDEs via email about the certification program, including transactional information, e.g. courtesy renewal reminders, etc.  You may unsubscribe to the communication platform at any time but in choosing to unsubscribe will not receive news regarding your CDE credential (including important renewal information) and will want to make arrangements to visit the NCBDE web site on a regular basis to review your certification status, renewal details, and to learn of any changes in the program. Thank you. 

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Does NCBDE automatically send applications to all CDEs when they are up for renewal?

No. However, notification is sent in the fall of the year prior to credential expiration (see question above). The notice contains information on deadlines and how to obtain the applications for renewal of certification.

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How do I obtain an application for renewal?

Click here to see how to obtain the Examination Handbook.
Click here to see how to obtain the Renewal of Certification by Continuing Education Handbook.

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What are the fees for renewal of certification?

Click here to see the fees for the various renewal options.

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Is there a late application deadline for the renewal of certification?

Not for the Examination, but there are several deadlines available for renewal by continuing education. Click here to review the deadlines.

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Is it possible to have my credential extended if I do not renew it prior to expiration?

If your credential is not renewed prior to expiration, it will expire December 31. Extensions of certification are not granted. Any individual whose credential expires must pass the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators to regain the credential (as well as document either meeting the renewal practice requirement or minimum acceptable continuing education hours).

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Is there a practice requirement for CDE® recertification?

As part of the renewal application (either exam or continuing education option), all CDEs must submit documentation of 1,000 hours of professional practice experience during the five year period that the CDE credential is valid (Details on the practice requirement).

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Is the practice requirement the same for all recertifying options?


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Is there a list of professional practice experiences accepted for recertification?

Yes (Details on the practice requirement).

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Is there an option for recertifying if a CDE® cannot meet the renewal practice requirement?

If certification has not lapsed, the applicant may take and pass the Certification Examination and submit documentation of acceptable 75 continuing education hours by the published deadline dates.

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Is there a provision for phasing in the renewal practice requirement for recertification?

No. The renewal practice requirement (effective in 2010) was originally announced in the Spring 2005 edition of NCBDE News, and the announcement was added to our website at the same time. Since 2005, we have also regularly included the information in annual editions of the NCBDE News. Finally, we routinely include this information in communications with diabetes educators who achieve initial or renew certification.

Given this advance notification process, there was no “phase in” for the requirement. CDE®s who renew in 2010 and later, will need to attest to having accumulated 1000 hours of practice during any period of their 5-year certification period.

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Do I need a minimum of 200 practice hours each year?

No. There is no minimum number of hours for the renewal practice requirement needed every year, only the need to be able to attest to having obtained the minimum 1000 practice hours within the accrual cycle (and before applying for renewal).

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What happens if I choose to take the last year of my accrual cycle off?

There is no minimum annual requirement for practice hours, so as long as you accrue the minimum 1000 hours of practice at any time within the accrual cycle and before application, you would be meet the requirement.

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What documentation do I need to provide to show I have accumulated at least 1000 hours of practice?

It is always prudent to keep detailed information for your personal records. In fact, you should check with your supervisor, who will be the individual who has to verify your practice hours (if you are audited), to see what would satisfy their need for detail.

The good news, however, is that we do not require you to document these hours in detail in the application for renewal. You will be asked to sign a statement that attests to meeting all of the current eligibility requirements, including the 1000 hour practice requirement. If an application is chosen for audit, you will need to have a supervisor (or for those in private practice, another health care professional) sign a similar statement that confirms you have fulfilled the practice requirement. Of course, if you are renewing by the continuing education pathway, you will need to maintain copies of your continuing education credits/certificates in the event they need to be submitted as part of an audit.

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Is there a retirement status for CDEs?

Yes, NCBDE does have a category for CDEs who retire and do not plan to maintain active status after their credential expires. Click here for more information on eligibility requirements and application.

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Must the minimum of 1000 practice hours relate only to specific patient diabetes education services?

No. We recognize that CDEs may be working or volunteering in many settings, so the 1000 hours are not related only to specific patient diabetes education services. However, NCBDE does not recognize “employment in the manufacture, direct sales, or distribution of diabetes-related products or services in pharmaceutical or other diabetes-related industries, public health screenings, or jobs or volunteer activities unrelated to diabetes…” Click here to review the details of the renewal practice requirement.

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Where can I find information on the renewal of certification by continuing education option?

Renewal of Certification by Continuing Education Details Information

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Is there a section of FAQs for the renewal of certification by continuing education option?

Renewal of Certification CE FAQs

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When will I hear about the status of my application for the Examination?

See Examination Application Status page

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When will I hear about the status of my application for renewal by continuing education?

See Post-Application Information page

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I was selected for an audit. What do I need to provide and where can I find the instructions for submitting my audit documentation?

Information on your audit, including a link to the audit packet with instructions, was provided in your audit notice. Instructions on what you need to provide for an audit can be found in the audit document. Find page by clicking here.

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How many Continuing Education (CE) Hours do I need to renew?

When renewing by the continuing education option, you will need to earn a minimum of 75 CE hours during your accrual cycle.   You can do this by only accruing 75 CE hours under the Formal Activities or you can mix and match with Formal and Expanded Activities.

Activities in the Formal Category must meet identified requirements. If you are using Expanded Activities, there are limits on each Expanded Activity, and the maximum hours you can claim during your accrual cycle is 30 CE hours from the Expanded Activities Category. Using 30 hours under the Expanded Activities Category, you would need the minimum requirement of 45 CE hours under the Formal Activities Category.


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Where can I find additional continuing education FAQs?

You can find continuing education FAQs at:


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How do I enter my CE in the CDE Continuing Education Tracking Tool?

To enter your CEs:

1. Log into your CDE area.
2. Click on Track Hours (left hand navigation pane).
3. Click on Continuing Education Tracking (under Track Hours). From there you will be redirected to the Continuing Education Tracking web page to enter your hours. 
4. Enter your activity details. Note that there are two types of activities to choose - Formal and Expanded. When entering the CE you will choose frrom the activity category either Formal or Expanded from the drop down menu.
5. Once details are entered, click on Enter. This will enter your activity.
6. Once an activity is entered it is displayed in the My Continuing Education Hours section at the lower half of the web page. 

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