In keeping with its mission to promote excellence in the profession of diabetes education through the development, maintenance, and protection of the Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) credential, the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE) is issuing this public awareness advisory. The CDE® credential conferred by NCBDE means that the certified health professional has met specific eligibility requirements and passed the Certification Examination for Diabetes Educators, thereby demonstrating that he or she possesses comprehensive and specialized knowledge and experience that can be used to provide quality care and education to persons with diabetes. The marks CDE®, CERTIFIED DIABETES EDUCATOR®, and CDE® in the design form(s) approved by NCBDE are federally registered certification marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Be advised, however, that NCBDE is not the only organization using CDE® as the credential for Certified Diabetes Educators. National organizations in Canada and other countries also use this mark. Moreover, certain states and private companies grant certificates with designations that may be similar to and thus confused with the NCBDE-granted CDE® certification. Therefore you may see CDE® or a similar designation as a credential for a diabetes educator but have no way to determine whether it is a NCBDE certification or that of another organization. To protect the integrity and value of the NCBDE-granted CDE credential, it is imperative to bring this information to the attention of persons with diabetes who may seek or already benefit from the services of CDEs, to employers or potential employers of CDEs, to NCBDE-recognized CDEs themselves, to other diabetes-related organizations, to insurance companies, as well as to federal and state agencies. In the event that national legislation is passed that is intended to reimburse health care providers with CDE® credentials issued by NCBDE for diabetes self-management training, such legislation should specifically state that reimbursement may only be provided to individuals who have earned a CDE® from NCBDE.

At this time, NCBDE does not have reciprocity agreements with any organization in Canada or any other country that uses CDE® as a credential of recognition for diabetes educators. All interested parties are therefore encouraged to verify NCBDE CDE® credentials. They can do so by using the self-service online verification system.