From people living with diabetes...

"When I was diagnosed last April, I didn't know what to do.  My doctor reviewed medication, gave me instructions on how to test my blood, and encouraged me to adopt a low carbohydrate diet.  I went online and read articles to try to educate myself also.  It was when I saw the ad about your meetings in the community newspaper that I first felt like I was not in this by myself.  I haven't missed a meeting! I appreciate your extensive knowledge of Diabetes and your patience with our many questions. I'm also grateful to the others who come every week to share their experience and advice." -MD, Patient of M. Williams, RN, CDE

"The assistance your office provides in Diabetes education has been nothing less than a lifesaver.  Your kindness and eagerness to help has had a positive impact on all of us who rely on your for your services. It is my sincere hope that others will recognize the vital need of your education services and continue to support it in the hospital and community. " -C Family, Bayonne, NJ

"I will always be indebted to my doctor for referring me to Claudia, my CDE®. Through her work with me I moved from insulin to oral medication, modified my diet, lost 20 pounds, and have gradually but effectively brought my A1C tests down to the pre-diabetic level. I look forward to our sessions because I know that I will be given new information about my condition and how I can better improve my health and lifestyle. The relationship between patient and educator is extremely important to the ongoing health of the patient. Claudia Slavin is a member of my 'well-care team' and I am very grateful for her." -EPY, New York, NY

"I have seen firsthand the value of developing a close relationship with the Certified Diabetes Educator® in my doctor's office. I would not be where I am today without having gained the understanding and skills required to manage my disease from my CDE®.  The physicians and staff rely on their specialized knowledge to tailor an individual treatment plan that brings the greatest result. If one day I was forced to change doctors, I would not even consider one without an experienced diabetes educator in the office." -JS, Nokomis, FL