National Diabetes Month: Acknowledging our Certified Diabetes Educators


Whether it's identified as National Diabetes Month or American Diabetes Month, November puts a focus on the need to spread the word about diabetes. People living with diabetes can learn ways to access self-management education and support and those who are at risk can receive information about prevention. In recognition of National Diabetes Month, NCBDE acknowledges and thanks all that our CDEs do every day to support individuals currently living with and managing diabetes.  By earning their CDE® credential, CDEs have gone the extra mile. CDEs work hard not just in November - but all year round - to promote diabetes awareness and provide those living with diabetes with knowledge and skills to live their best lives.

What people are saying

But don’t take it from NCBDE. Here’s just two examples of the ways in which the efforts of CDEs have impacted real people living with diabetes and furthered diabetes education across the country:

  • "The assistance your office provides in Diabetes education has been nothing less than a lifesaver. Your kindness and eagerness to help has had a positive impact on all of us who rely on your for your services. It is my sincere hope that others will recognize the vital need of your education services and continue to support it in the hospital and community. " -C Family, Bayonne, NJ
  • "I have seen firsthand the value of developing a close relationship with the Certified Diabetes Educator® in my doctor's office. I would not be where I am today without having gained the understanding and skills required to manage my disease from my CDE®. The physicians and staff rely on their specialized knowledge to tailor an individual treatment plan that brings the greatest result. If one day I was forced to change doctors, I would not even consider one without an experienced diabetes educator in the office." -JS, Nokomis, FL

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National (aka American) Diabetes Month Resources:

The American Diabetes Association's has resources available. Click here to learn more.

The National Diabetes Education Program also has information about diabetes. Check it out.

Thanks again to all of our CDEs who partner with people managing their diabetes to help them live their best lives and to the CDEs who are working to educate our communities about diabetes prevention!