Model Diabetes Educator Licensure Act Updated

In April 2011, NCBDE issued a Statement on Licensure of Diabetes Educators as a response to licensure efforts that were undertaken in Kentucky.  That Statement set forth NCBDE’s policy that it neither supports nor opposes licensure.  Rather NCBDE believes that it should be left to the wisdom of the State and its constituents to determine the necessity of establishing licensure requirements.

However, in light of the debate within the diabetes educator community about the merits of licensure, NCBDE believes that any law should clearly mandate certain requirements for licensure.  Thus NCBDE has approved the following Model Diabetes Educator Licensure Act that embodies such requirements.  This Model bill is intended to:

  • Protect the integrity of the specialty of Diabetes Self-management Education (DSME) and support; and, more importantly;
  • To protect the public from practitioners that are inadequately educated; poorly trained, and who have not demonstrated the competency to provide DSME by passing a psychometrically valid examination.

Of course, this act is only a starting point for an organization considering state licensure for diabetes educators. NCBDE recommends that organizations consult individuals with legislative experience and legal counsel, if necssary, about the best way to adapt this model to a particular state and any wording or requirements a state may have in regards to licensure of health professionals.

Please click here to see the model act (pdf document).

Article updated 11/19/2013; model act updated 11/2013