Renewal by Continuing Education Updates

April 5, 2017 12:58 PM
To support lifelong learning and continuing competence, the NCBDE Credentials Committee made recommendations to the NCBDE Board of Directors last year that several activities beyond formal continuing education (CE) activities be able to be used for renewing via the CE option. Starting with CDEs renewing in 2017, the following activities - identified under a designation known as 'Expanded Activities' - have been approved by the NCBDE Board of Directors:  academic coursework, giving presentations, authoring publications, and serving as a Mentor in NCBDE mentorship program. A minimum of 45 of the required 75 continuing education hours must still be accrued using formal CE activities. The Expanded Activities must be applicable to diabetes and there are limits on the number of hours that can be claimed in the qualifying categories. Find detailed information in the document titled: Renewal by Continuing Education Update for CDEs Renewing in 2017 and Later: Guidelines for Reporting Continuing Education or on the NCBDE web site. We encourage all CDEs, regardless of their expiration dates, to take a few minutes now to review the details. The NCBDE Board hopes that you'll be excited about the opportunity to expand your diabetes education knowledge with these new activities.