Specialty Name Change News

Dear CDEs,

You may have heard conversations about the specialty name change from diabetes educator to diabetes care and education specialist.

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) is retitling the specialty to ensure that the title reflects the work that diabetes educators are already doing and support diabetes educators getting recognition for that work. Also, the new title positions the specialty for the future.

Though a specialty name is different from the name of a certification designation, the success of the Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) program has resulted in many people using the CDE credential interchangeably with the name of the specialty and as a job title. The use of the CDE designation belongs explicitly to the individual who has a current certification through NCBDE.

As a CDE, you know the rigorous process you went through to become certified. The change being implemented by AADE provides NCBDE with an opportunity to both assess how we will move forward to ensure that the certification process continues to reflect what's happening in the specialty and help people understand more about the certification process.

You may be wondering how the title change will impact you and the CDE certification program. The NCBDE Board of Directors is reviewing the change to the specialty designation as it affects the certification program. We will reach out to all CDEs as soon as we finalize our decisions. We can reassure you that any changes to the certification program will not require current CDEs to retake an examination. 

Some of your most pressing questions concerning the specialty title change may have already been addressed in an AADE webinar held on September 5th. The webinar included information from Sheryl Traficano, NCBDE's CEO. As NCBDE finalizes its decisions, please review that webinar for a better understanding of the specialty name change. 

For your convenience, click here to access the AADE website page with information on the specialty change and a link to the recording of the 1-hour webinar.

Best regards,


Leonard R. Sanders, MD, FACP, BC-ADM, CLS, CDE®
2019 Chair, NCBDE Board of Directors