Verification of Certification for Certificants

Verification information for an active Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) may be obtained via the NCBDE online verification system at no charge, or, upon submission of a Verification Order Form* and payment of required fees, a hard copy verification document can be provided via mail or facsimile. The online verification will provide the individual’s certification number, expiration date, date of initial certification or most recent renewal, and current status of the certification; the hard copy verification document from the NCBDE National Office will include the certification number, expiration date, initial date of certification, renewal dates (if applicable), and current status of the certification.

The status of an individual's certification is considered public information. The NCBDE may choose at any time to provide verification of an individual's certification to any individual or party with assurance of the individual's identity.

*Note:  A Verification Order Form requires providing specific information to ensure correct identification of the individual in question.

Self-Service Online Verification System

CDEs or individuals representing a third party can make use of the NCBDE online verification system to obtain verification information. A search may be done either by the CDE® certification number or certificant's name.


(READ FIRST!!) Tips for Successfully Obtaining an Online Verification

  • Obtain the CDE's certification 8-digit number OR have their first and last name on hand.
    • (Highly recommended!!) Make use of the ‘search by certification number’ query. This type of query will greatly streamline the search process. This number is found on the certificate or wallet card provided by NCBDE to the certified individual.
      • Do NOT include a dash if one appears on the certificate or wallet card when querying by CDE® number. For example:  certificate says 1234-5678, ENTER AS 12345678.
    • For search by name:
      • Be aware that a query requires entry in both the first and last name fields; use of city or state field is optional.
      • Understand that the name search fields are not case sensitive and will accept partial names.
      • If there are multiple individuals with the same name, the search results will include all the CDEs that match the search criteria. You will need to review the list and select your individual by clicking on her/his name. Clicking on the name will bring up the details for that CDE’s record.
  • Know how you would like to receive the verification documentation. Options include PRINT VERIFICATION and/or EMAIL VERIFICATION. The Print Verification option will create a pdf version of the verification document that can be printed. The Email Verification option will allow an individual to enter an email address and send a pdf version of the verification document to that address.

For third party organizations, click here for instructions in pdf format for online verifications. Use this document to provide instructions to representatives who are requesting verification of an active CDE®.

CDEs can also print out verification of their certification, as well as a complimentary version of the wallet card, after logging into the CDE® area of the NCBDE website. Click here to access the CDE login area.





Third Party Requests for Hard Copy Verification (Active or Expired Certification)

For an interested third party to obtain hard copy verification document directly from the NCBDE National Office (and not through the online system), submission of a Verification Order Form and processing fee of $25.00 is required.  

Click here to access the Verification Order Form.

Important note:
Due to the existence of viruses and other technological issues, verification order forms will only be processed if submitted via facsimile or mail. Please ensure all information is legible on the order form to avoid processing delays and allow up to 5 business days for processing.

Verification Requests from Individuals Whose Certifications Have Expired

An individual who has allowed their credential to expire may request verification information from the NCBDE National Office. The individual will need to submit a signed written request that includes their name, certification number (or last four digits of social security number or birthdate), current home address, and daytime telephone number with area code.

The verification document will be mailed to the individual’s home address unless a facsimile number is provided with the request. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing after receipt. The request should be sent to:

Attn: Expired Verification Request (Note: not for use by third parties)
330 East Algonquin Road, Suite 4
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Fax: 847-228-8469

Questions About Verification?

Contact Lynne Sayler, NCBDE's Customer Service Assistant, at 877-239-3233 or